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The Seasons of Change

by Giggs

I remember telling myself I would never come back, I kept my word for the next seven years. It didn’t take too long for the fog to lift up out of my head, wanting back all I had and realizing how much I should’ve been grateful for a bit late…

I stressed for the longest how much I just wanted to get back to how and where I was, not materialistically or tangibly. Just me, the person I had become, learning to love, to live. To embrace life as it comes. But the more it is the more I learn about the seasons of change! There’s a time and a place for everything, I needed this experience to get back and humble me… I can’t get back to the way I was, or at least it’s not the time to at this time and place. Being still and silent, teaching me to begin a new chapter, something needs to change!

So it’s okay to start anew. Take heed to what surrounds you. Don’t be afraid to turn the page. Engage in what’s to come, it’ll lead to a better place! A better you!

Reality Hurts

by Phong Dang

BANG, BANG, BANG!!!  With no regard for human life I recklessly shot four times into a group of my rivals and Phung Thanh Nguyen is lying bloody on the floor. I wake up startled as the reality of what I have done hit me! I open my eyes and I’m back in my tiny cell sweating from the nightmare that I had caused.  Serving twenty-three years into my incarceration I try to gain insight into why I became this monster. And I start to reflect…

I was born on January 24, 1975, in Saigon, the capitol of Vietnam.  However, as circumstances would have it, I was born in the midst of a communist war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. In the year of 1979, my parents had no choice but to pack up their belongings, whatever essentials they were able to carry on their backs, while also carrying my baby brother (2 years old) and I (4 years old) in their arms.  We had to leave and escape from our home which was the place of our birth.  It was everything we knew and we had to start anew.  We were hoping to find a better future and opportunities for ourselves. We had to get out of Vietnam!

However, traveling on feet through rough terrain, while burdened down and carrying two infants that haven’t yet fully learned how to walk to cross the border out of Vietnam into Thailand wasn’t as easy as it may sound.  Please recall, this was during time of war, where enemies were plentiful and they had no compassion for their rivals or traitors.  Obstacles were set in our way to restrict movements; land mines were discreetly unnoticeable before they blew someone’s legs off, boobie traps were triggered before they to inflict great bodily injuries or death, snipers secretly hid themselves from view to pick off their victims one by one, and don’t mention what’ll happen if we ran into the Viet-Congs.  Our story of leaving Vietnam in pursuit of liberation can only be seen in movies.

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From Her Dream

by Chris

I’m reading a drawing just tryin’ to stay busy, this white room is shrinking I’m getting dizzy, I’m tired of waiting,

contemplating and debating on the next thing to do, with all of these guards, I’m trying not to be rude,
sitting thinking ‘bout my family and momma,
I hate to say it but the woman’s just drama,
all that woman does is yell and scream,
I hope she wakes up from her dream, starving herself washing it down, she drinks herself so she don’t have to frown, I

try not to think about it so much,
it starts with a little and ends with a bunch, then I can’t sleep, without her on my mind,
I hate the fact that I worry all the time, I’m not looking forward to the day that I call, that my mom died with her hands on a bottle.