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FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2013

From the Youth Leadership of America, the high school group that visited a few weeks ago. Thanks for checking in! We loved working with you, and the team creating the video here:

FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2013

The speaker is DeAngelo Cortijo, he has never set foot in a high school. He is 19 and has spent the past 7 years incarcerated and several years in and out prior to that. He is a long time Beat writer and The Beat office was one of his first stops when he hit the free world. He collaborated with our intern, Robert Gomez Hernandez, from the California College of the Arts, to create this video. DeAngelo is reading a piece that he has written to his mother, who is hearing it for the first time.

The Beat Within : “For You” by DeAngelo Cortijo from Robert Gomez Hernandez on Vimeo.


From Digital Storytellers


The Beat Within documentary from 1998



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Hi Beat Volunteers!


How are you all doing? Wanted to pass on this cool video from an SF State Student, with an appearance by The Beat Within, on the importance of trauma workers taking care of themselves.

So please everyone, take care of yourself!! It is nasty cold and flu season and many of you have been suffering with that, so stay warm! Please know again, how much we appreciate all of your dedication and work and support, we really could not do it without you!!

thank you,

Lisa Lavaysse

Program Director & Volunteer Coordinator