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2008 Bill Graham Award

2005 Jefferson Award

2004 Pass Award



The San Francisco Chronicle

The Beat Within S.F., 1997

Chance for Troubled Youth to Strut Their Stuff / 60 groups invited to Juvenile Hall, 2000

Release / The Beat is a magazine-newsletter hybrid, an underground railroad of artistry, a life-support system for otherwise forgotten men, women and teens, 2004

The Crime Report
The Beat Within: A Letter to No One, 2010
My Life, 2010

SF Examiner
The Beat Within: writing from the juvenile halls, 2009

Moving Pictures: Book Reveals Incarcerated Youth Art, 2008

Santa Cruz Sentinel
The acclaimed writing program The Beat Within gives incarcerated youth hope for a brighter future, 2009

Santa Cruz Wire
Top Authors Help ‘Beat’ Go On

Concerna Blog
The Unequal Fight for Injustice: Beat Within vs. Mother Jones, 2006

Mother Jones
First Person: Excerpts from The Beat Within, 2008

Truth Dig (audio)
London Riots: The View From Brixton, 2011

This Week in Northern California, 2002

KALW, Your Call
Youth Speaking for Themselves, 2006

KUSP, The 7th Avenue Project (audio)
Voices from Juvenile Hall, 2010

Prison Photography
PPOTR Dispatch #2: Interview with David Inocencio, Director of The Beat Within, 2011

Honorable Mention at the BEA Festival of Media Arts, 2011 – The Story of The Beat Within

Awards and Achievements

2011 Silver Heart award, Northern California Society of Professional Journalists