by Young One

The greatest challenge I have to deal with is anxiety. My anxiety keeps me up at night and worrying all day. I haven’t found anything to help my anxiety except sports. But as soon as that’s over, it comes right back.

When I suffer from my anxiety, I get anxious and it’s hard for me to function. I try not to cry and stay strong, but at nighttime I tend to cry and struggle in the sense that I’m by myself and no one can see me at a weak point. And when something big comes up, my anxiety starts pumping through my blood as fast as a rocket. The anxiety breaks down my barrier to stay calm and keep my head.

But one thing my anxiety will help me with is staying out of the hall, because everything I take from here will help me better myself. And my anxiety is also helping me make sure I do good in prayer.

I noticed early on that I’m taking my life for granted. If released, I will pursue counseling and I will start my life all over again. I just want to take the time I spent here as a learning experience, because I don’t want to come back, EVER.