I Control My Own Destiny

by Tomi

From the day I got out of my Mom’s womb to the day they bury me six feet under, I’m in control of my destiny. I believe no matter what circumstances we lie in or how bad we got it, our life is de ned by our decisions.

My decision making in the past got me where I’m at now but I won’t let my past dictate my future. I control my own destiny, so with that being said, I declare myself accountable for the steps I’ll take to get there. I see myself being “the man” when I age to my thirties. My de nition of being “the man” is being nancially free with the mentality of being broke.

I plan on attending school and staying in school long enough to learn everything I can about owning and running businesses. I know becoming an entrepreneur isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but what’ growing without challenges? Besides my career, I de nitely need support in order to stay in school and keep my goals in mind.

I plan on keeping my family by my side every step of the way. I’m going to make amends with my father and continue to take care of my mother.

I will separate myself from the people in my life who don’t see themselves on the path to success.

Success meaning a life our parent dreamed for us. A life with no regrets, no “what ifs” no “if only” none of that!

I just want my beautiful mother to be proud of her baby boy. I want her to see that her once lost young boy has found his way in this world.

Other than my mother, I need to prove to myself that I’m more than a deadbeat, more than a menace to society, more than just a statistic. I’ve matured enough to learn that my life isn’t a game. I’ve come to nally realize that I’m worth much more than the circumstances I’ve been dealt with. From here, I’ll let my future tell the rest. I control my own destiny.