The Pain of My Life

by Makiah

Life has many pains; emotional pains, physical pains, etc. You can’t really measure pain but we all endure it. Everyone thinks his or her life is so hard and so bad when in reality someone always has it worse.

I think emotional pain is the worst because emotions are so complicated. Sadness can lead to anger, and anger can lead to physical pain—not only to yourself but to others also. Everything connects and pain, happiness, and anger seems like the glue to keep someone from falling apart, or it could be what makes someone break down, depending on the perspective. I mean you might like to be happy or maybe you like to be sad or angry, because that is who you are. If you don’t actually want to be happy, you won’t ever be able to actually be happy. Yeah, pain can keep you down, but you have to ip your perspective to a positive mentality. You cannot let what happened in the past dictate your future, no matter how right it seem.

It seems wrong to let everything what happened in the past to be let go without proper acknowledgement, or to just be another part of your past that goes without redemption, but we can’t redeem what others do to us, not matter how much we try. I guess the only thing you can do for emotional pain—is to let go. Even if it seems wrong to let go of the bad things that happened because to me, it’s not the good things that makes’ us who we are. It’s the bad things, you can either decide to be better than the person who wronged you, or you can decide to be worse, because your perspective is that you are doing something right, even though society thinks it’s wrong.

People have their own ways to deal with pain, is what I’m saying. The reason why I self-harm is so that my emotional pain seems so irrelevant compared to the physical pain. It’s unfair to have to feel so ashamed of my emotions that the only thing that actually helps is to harm myself. I’m constantly in pain… I just have to hide it or I’ll look weak, unstable, mentally exhausted, etc. No matter what happens you have to survive and learn to be happy, regardless of how much pain you’re in. Accentuate the positive.