Dear Diary

by Xiomara Gonzalez

A person doesn’t realize that no matter what it is that they’re going through, “this too shall pass.” I didn’t see things this way for a long time. That is, until one time at about three in the morning, I woke up to a noise I’ve never heard before. I listened and realized someone somewhere nearby was crying. This cry was that of a wounded animal. It sounded so sad, my heart sank and broke into a million little pieces. She didn’t know this, but for the whole time she cried, I sat there silently and just listened. Eventually she cried herself to sleep. I wanted to ask what was wrong, why was she up crying at that time. I realized the reason didn’t matter. She was suffering like me and like everyone else here.

The following night, it happened again. She didn’t realize it, but this time she wasn’t alone. Again, I sat there silently and listened to her cry. I tried to connect with her, tried to comprehend her pain. I wanted to hug her, comfort her, but I couldn’t. I guess being there was enough, and even though she never knew she wasn’t alone, I was proud to be there for someone. That night, while the rest of the world slept, our souls were together, and together we suffered. Like the night before, “it passed.”

The next time you’re thinking of your pain remember there’s someone who’s suffering more than you. Try not to focus so much on your pain. The key to life is learning to feel someone else’s.