Happy New Year!

What a nice way to end the year and enter 2016, by having our partner, The Crime Report, the nation’s only comprehensive news service covering the diverse challenges and issues of 21st century criminal justice in the US and abroad, based in New York, pick up, post and feature Beat contributor’s, Todd Gilliam’s powerful piece, ‘To Me, They Were My Real Family,’ which originally ran in The Beat Within issue, 20.47/48.

We hope you will take the time to read this contribution and share it
with your community.

The Crime Report homepage

To Me, They Were My Real Family

Also, If you did not catch, Jensen Ramos’ piece, ‘I Still Remember the
Day It Happened,’ which The Crime Report posted the other day, please give a read as well…
http://www.thecrimereport.org/news/inside-criminal-justice/2015-12-the-beat-within-i-still-remember-the-day-it-happened read more

Happy Holiday’s All!

What a great way to start the last week of the year… today, our
partners at The Crime Report, based in New York, the nation’s only
comprehensive news service covering the diverse challenges and issues of 21st century criminal justice in the U.S. and abroad posted one of our stories.

This week they picked up our story, “I Still Remember The Day it
Happened,” by writer, Jensen Ramos. This story was originally posted in The Beat Within issue, 20.47/48.  It was Jensen’s goal to reach our many readers through our publication and now his work is touching even more lives through The Crime Report community.

We are honored to have “I Still Remember The Day it Happened,” as a feature on The Crime Report website.  Please give a read and share
with your community. read more


Season Greetings Friends!

If you have not read this story yet, the powerful piece by our friend
Shabaka, “Cracked Sidewalks,” it was just picked up today by our
colleagues, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, a national
website that is the only publication/site covering juvenile justice
and related issues nationally on a consistent, daily basis. They are
based out of Kennesaw, GA. We are thrilled to get this story out to an even larger community. Shabaka wrote this for The Beat Within from the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center.

Cracked Sidewalks

If you want to read other entries from The Beat Within that
the JJIE has posted, here’s the link.

JJIE homepage
http://jjie.org/ read more

The Effects of Detention Toward Families and Loved Ones  

by Michael Mackey

Detention has affected my relationship with my family by me not being there!  Watching them grow up, my son is wondering where has his father gone and is acting out because I’m not around to teach him right from wrong.  It’s hard on his mother, Lakisha, raising a child by herself with little support from family and me, the father of her son, Daziri.

I didn’t speak to my son or his mother for about seven and a half years because frustration and detention affected her, and I made her angry for many reasons. She tried to forget about me and move on, which was her way of trying to move forward.  That didn’t work at all. It only made things worse between us, but now I’ve found them again. I didn’t call as much. They don’t visit me as much, well, at all. We are working on that now though. read more

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