Dear Me 

by Ryan

Dear Me,

I really hope you found what you’re looking for: love, happiness, and success. I hope you stay clean and sober. I hope you find a good twelve-step program. I really hope you stay sober, you need to. Your mind works better while sober. You’re a lot smarter when you’re sober.

You need to finish school or go get your GED. You need to study hard and pass. I know you want to get into the coast guard. They wont accept you if you’re not fit and haven’t finished high school.

If you want the home and car of your dreams, you need to work it. Nice things don’t come to those who wish. Nice things come to those who work. Try hard and don’t give up. You can do it! You can replace the nice things you lost. You can replace everything with better things. When you make the money stay focused and faithful, you will get to where you’re going. I promise you, hard work will pay off.