by Izais


A place where “staff” run your life, a place where “freedom” is only a word you read in books or hear from kids who talk about it like they won’t ever know what it feels like to feel “free” again.

Detention is a place where the word equality does not exist. Detention is a place that steals your youth; it robs you of the precious and unique experiences of young-adulthood. It grips its cold, dark fingers around your self-pride, self-confidence, self-reassurance, and self-everything. It slithers in your conscious and slowly poisons the very few thoughts that keep you going and then snatches it all away like it never existed.

No matter how tough you are, from “cold blooded killer” to “sensitive as a daisy,” detention will always make you feel hopeless and “out of control.” It gives you a whole new meaning to “stuck in limbo.” It teaches you just how much you took for granted: the simplest things like wearing your own clothes or being able to go outside and feeling temperatures greater than 68.8° F or even just hearing the sound of your shoes stepping on the pavement that engulfs this earth, knowing that a single piece of pavement has more color than the whole Detention Center combined…

… you never know just how much you have until its gone.