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Volume 19.41/42 Topics

19.41 Topics

1. Agree or disagree – This week we want to know from you, if all drugs should be legalized? One way or the other, tell us where you stand, but also back it up with a story, an experience, or a reason why you feel one way or the other, if our government should legalize all drugs.

2. Bothered – This week we want you to tell us what is troubling you. It’s bad enough to hold onto the things that bug us, so today we want you to lay it all out on paper, in a respectful way, as to what is troubling you.  Can you fix it? Address it? Is it a person or news worthy item?  Something you heard from your family? What?  Regardless if it’s unfixable or not, tell us what is bothering you today.

3. The photograph  – Maybe it’s on display in your room, or tucked away in a scrapbook, or in your wallet. Maybe you no longer possess it, but it something you will forever see in your mind.  Tell us about your most important picture. Is it a picture of you? Family? A loved one?  Describe the picture and everything that makes it very special to you and something you will carry with you forever. read more

Volume 19.40/41 Topics

19.39 Topics

1. I was wrong –  Can you tell us of a time you did something wrong? What made it wrong? Was it an action? A conversation? An argument? What?  When did you know you were wrong? In whose eyes were you wrong? Did you think you were wrong?  Was it easy for you to admit you were wrong or, are you one to never admit such an act? Tell us your thoughts on the topic, have you ever been wrong?

2. I am proud  –  What and/or who are you proud of? Tell us of that special person that makes you proud to know him or her. Tell us of a moment that you were proud of yourself?  What did you do?  Think about the things you have done, or others have done, that make you proud of yourself or of them.  I am proud…

3. Raising a child –  From your experiences, this week we want you to tell us how you would raise a child?  Would you raise your child the same way as your family raised you? What would you do differently? Break it down, how you would raise a child if you were the mother or father. read more