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by Cody

Life is a choice that we all have to make. A choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing and in my honest opinion I suggest the right thing. Because where I’m at now is not a great place to be. I am locked up in a cage where I can’t break free.

I want to get out because I miss all of the little things like a bed, good food, and friends. I especially miss all the big things like my family, girlfriend and games. Since I have been in jail I have had a lot of time to think about what I should have done. I know now that I have rules to follow and I can’t do whatever I want. So someday soon I hope to get out and move. I want to push through life with fewer mistakes.

I hope that one day I will marry my girlfriend. I know I’m young but after I get out I am going to ask her to marry me. read more

Nothing But The Truth

by DeeCee

The Beat Within, lets youth express their Soul within,

from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

they overcame, and refused to be another story on the six o’clock news.

Beautiful transformations such as Black Boys so used to cocking glocks, becoming righteous cops and protecting everybody’s block.Proving change is possible,

believe and you can achieve.

The Beat Within, an outlet in this dry ass Hall,

for the ones that have broken the law and are stuck

between these confined walls.The extraordinary outcome when pencil meets paper,

is as fresh as a taper.

A voice for the silent,

amplifying noise like they’re violent.Not just a lousy particle,

this is a form of art and a precious article. Helping teens all over the world

realize there is more to this world.

The Beat Within is more like a treasure, read more

I Never Thought I’d Be a Felon

by Chuy

In my hand, I had a gun.

I thought I was having fun.

It was a little odd

That the cops were calling the house

So I decided to run.

To my surprise

Four cops were waiting

Three with guns pointed at me

And the other with a K9.

He gave me one chance

To get on the ground

Before he released the dog.

I did as he told.

I wasn’t trying to get bit.

Two hours later

I was in my cell

Mad at myself

For the life I am living.

Because I chose to have it

With me that day

I missed my sister’s funeral.

I cried all day

When I found out.

I missed the only day

To say goodbye to my sister.

I have to change my ways

Or I’ll end up here again.

The judge gave me one chance

And I’m taking it.

My life is going to change.

And as long as I know that

I’ll succeed.

Menace To My Heart by Lexii

Well, summer break was about to end and hecka new kids moved to the neighborhood (a lot of dudes) and I found out that the middle school I was going to was going to be turned into 9th grade academy and it was going to be lots new kids.

Our relationship went down hill from there because when I went to the orientation at the 9th grade academy I seen so many fine dudes that were there and they was all my age.  What!

So I called Mat later that night and told him I don’t think we can be together anymore.  He asked me why. I told him because with school starting back and all these fine dudes around I might cheat on him if we stayed together. He was pissed but later he respected my honesty.

‘Till this day he still don’t know the full truth: that I broke up with him because I already had somebody else on my mind.  I lost his number and we stopped talking for awhile. After a while I became miserable because I had no one to talk to about things.  Mat actually understood how I felt and actually gave me advice. I had quite a few dudes on me, but I came to find none of them filled the hole Mat left. read more