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The Beat inside The Crime Report

Here’s a fantastic piece that came out of our weekly writing and conversation workshops. To our surprise the piece was picked up by The Crime Report, based in NYC.

Source: The Crime Report

The Beat Within Fundraiser

Update: We Did It! Our Booster campaign has closed.Thank you all!

You’re in luck! In honor of the holiday season, The Beat Within has launched its SECOND t-shirt fundraiser! Our first fundraiser was an incredible success thanks to the loyalty of our supporters. Due to a high demand for t-shirts after the fundraiser’s closing date, The Beat has decided to re-launch! Donations will go directly towards the printing and distributing of our publication (which comes out twice a month). By donating, you will help insure that each young person who participates in our weekly writing workshop receives our 60 page publication. Help these youth and spread the holiday love by getting yourself and your loved ones a t-shirt for the holidays. Buy one here.

What I Wrote By Ronnie Bo

What I wrote on this paper were things I knew you wouldn’t publish in the Beat. So, I tore it up. But I want you to take a picture of it and put in in the book.