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Counselor’s Corner

Wrong Reason

by Burnley

I need some motivation. Maybe some inspiration. I feel like I’m in NYC and the police are choking me, I can’t breathe or conceive, as I run down the street with my hands up, bullets flying I think they’re hittin’ me.

My mind turns to when I was twelve years old, playing in the park with my BB gun, can’t you see the police are killing me, as me, she, and he become we, not for the right reasons, but just for the season.

The US government is trying to charge me with treason because some cops got shot. I told the gunman that’s not revolution, but only a secondary solution, but many of my people have looked past this conclusion and quote Mao, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun,” or Malcolm, “by any means necessary.” Some have gotten so radical they call on Khalid Muhammad like he is God. Muslims call on Allah, Christians to Jesus. There we are no longer we but back to being me, she and he, not for the season but all the wrong reasons. read more

Counselor’s Corner

Wake Up

by Ms. M.
Wake up and listen to me.
Stop following dead end streets.
So dark light can’t be seen so cold tears sliding down your cheeks freeze. The blind leading the blind
Going nowhere fast
Bumping into brick walls and stepping on shattered glass.
Wake up and listen to me.
Stop following dead end streets,
Selling death to your people in sheep’s clothing
With crooked smiles and sharp teeth.
Tearing down your brother with words.
Hating traveling faster than the speed of sound,

Consuming your thoughts and blackening your heart. Don’t you want to make it?
Don’t you want to be free?
Free to soar high so high you can see the mountain peaks. Where the sun shines bright and the stars twinkle at night. Where there is no end and no beginning in sight. Wake up and listen to me.
Stop following dead end streets.
Where death consumes anyone it meets.
I urge you to live in the love and life of Christ.
You will make it through.
Start showing compassion
and live with a purpose and keep pressing through.
At the end of the day, it’s a choice you will have to make. I’m living my life now it’s time to live yours.
If you traveling towards a dead end street
You might want to consider making a U-turn. read more