Something You’ve Never Done

by Harry Goodall

The main thing I want to do is be a dad. I have two kids, but have missed all of their lives because of a prison sentence. I feel that just because I helped in the creation of my kids does not make me a dad.  I’m just a donor. It’s other scenarios that had complicated me being involved in their lives, but I have had to learn to live with that.  If I didn’t place myself in prison maybe the restrictions wouldn’t be there. After all, you’re not placed in prison because you’re a good guy.

As a result of missing all of their lives, there is some resentment in how my kids feel about me. They are not to blame. How can you explain to someone that has needed you all their lives, that you felt the crime you committed, that you had to do it. I have estranged relationships with my kids. It’s sort of hard for them to accept me and what I can offer them as I have always been missing from their life.

Truth be told I have completed a lot of rehabilitation in efforts to be a productive citizen, but what can I do to be a productive parent. It’s not that I have given up on them, or will I ever, I just want my chance to do it correctly.

Raising a child requires that you are there from day one. That means as soon as she becomes pregnant. You need to put forth the effort in doctor visits, and classes if she desires to take them. You can’t be a parent by proxy or feel just us you and the mother is at odds that you can remove yourself from the child life. Remember you have rights as a parent.

These paternal rights are extended even while incarcerated. I’m telling you now get rid of the idea that just because you’re in jail you can’t be a real part of your kids’ life. There are many programs in place offered by the family court system that are called “Family Reunification” that will help you with phone calls and visitation. So please never think because your broke or in jail that you can’t help your child.

Imagine all of the things that you wanted your parents to be in your life. Well, your kids feel the same way. The more effort and energy you place into it will go a long way with your child.