What Does Success Look Like for Me?

by Anthony B

For me, success has many different ways that it can be viewed or displayed. One thing for sure is the fact that my current situation does not at all de ne success; but what I do with the time while I am con ned will de nitely lead towards success. Taking my life one day at a time. By not wasting time, so that I can achieve my desired or favorable outcome.

For example: Me living a productive life with a happy family, no longer being a resident in this jail, or any other correctional facility. Being a provider instead of a taker. Being active in my daughters’ and my grandbaby’s lives. Being available for them when they need me. Truly giving my mother a reason to be proud of her only child. Her only son.

Success is waking up in the morning before my wife and kids, cooking fried pork chop, cheese grits and scrambled eggs with hot buttered buttermilk biscuits with g and strawberry preserves and an ice cold glass of vitamin D whole milk and a cup of coffee. And a bowl of frosted akes for my wife and kids! Just kidding. Just being able to do that for them is success.

Finally, being able to abstain from heroin and meth. Being free from a 365-day drug binge. Success is being able to keep it 100% with myself. Success is me rising from the abyss, of committing slow suicide that coincides with the genocide of a people who were stripped of their pride. Success is the very thing that I must embrace and never let go. Success is God’s plan for us.

Success is the very thing that I must embrace and never let go!

I can honestly say that there is one thing that I absolutely do not want to be successful at and that is being a failure. THAT IS OUT!

Success is me being the absolute best me that I can possibly be. Success is being relentless. Unwavering. Dedicated and determined. Success is winning against all odds. Standing rm.

Success is me writing this for I aim to be a very successful man.

This is a brief description of what success looks like for me!