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Greetings Friends,

Recently, one of our writing prompts in our weekly workshops inside
juvenile hall and beyond was the topic, “Dear Dad.”

The topic reads: A Letter to My Dad – The letter you always wanted (or maybe never wanted) to write. Though the letter may never be seen by this person, we want you, as a writing exercise, to write that letter. Tell your father, or the one who has played the father role in your life, whatever you think they need to know.  Are you happy with his role as your dad, or is there room for improvement?  Maybe share a specific memory of a time you two had together, or a time you truly wish he was there for you. We bet, for better or worse, there is plenty to tell your Dad. Dear Dad…

We were so moved by the numerous responses, we thought it would be appropriate to send these thoughtful pieces to our amazing and
supportive partners over at the JJIE (Juvenile Justice Information
Exchange) in Kennesaw, Georgia, and to our friends at The Crime
Report, based in New York City.  Today, both of these award winning
criminal justice websites are featuring selected pieces from The Beat Within prompt, Dear Dad.

We encourage you to stop by their websites and read these meaningful and thoughtful pieces from our young people in detention.

Father’s Day Behind Bars: Dear Dad, Why Weren’t You There?

For Father’s Day From The Inside, Dear Dad

The Crime Report

JJIE homepage

The Beat Within Facebook

Lastly, please stop by our website and learn more about our
work.  Many of you have asked about our May 19th benefit concert. We are working on getting you all an update – pictures and all. PLease stay  tuned…

Have a great rest of the week!