Trump: The View From Juvenile Hall / The Crime Report / The Beat Within


Recently we asked our writers in our weekly juvenile hall writing
workshops to reflect on the upcoming Donald Trump presidency. We were quite surprised how many different opinions were shared.  Some responded with angry commentaries, poetry and rap.  Another pleaded for Americans to “give him a chance,” pointing out that as “wards of the state, if no one gives us a chance to change, how can we?”

Well, right before the holidays, we sent numerous “Trump” reaction
pieces to The Crime Report, based in New York City, to consider, and
yesterday we were informed that they picked up and posted an abridged and slightly edited selection. Their selection is different that what was featured by our friends at the JJIE (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange).

We encourage you to take a moment, check out the link below,  give a read and share with your community.

If you can no longer access The Crime Report website, let us know, and we will be more than happy to send you the writings to read.

If you have not read the JJIE, “Reactions of Incarcerated Youth to
Trump’s Election,” here’s their link.

Thank you all for your continued support.  See you soon!