Dear President Obama / The Crime Report / The Beat Within

Happy New Year all!

Wow, like our friends over at the Juvenile Justice Information
Exchange, The Crime Report, based in New York City, picked up and is
featuring on their site their favorite “Dear President Obama” pieces
from The Beat Within and are featuring these standout pieces today. We
must say, they did an outstanding job with the spread on their site.

A couple months ago one of our writing prompts in our weekly writings
workshops inside juvenile hall, county jail and state prison was a
“Letter to President Obama.” We were overwhelmed by the response from
our many writers, and are so humbled that our friends at not only the
JJIE but The Crime Report picked up and is sharing these words with
their community of readers and followers.

Our prompt was written as… Letter to President Obama – This January
2017, President Barrack Obama, our first African American president,
will be leaving office. We want you to take a moment to share your
thoughts with the President. Introduce yourself and explain why you
are writing. Let him know your concerns. Offer your thoughts on a
current issue, and express your support or constructive
criticism. Share your truths about the last 8 years he has been our
commander and chief. Come from your heart and thank him for his
amazing service, or let him know your disappointment. Dear President

Here is the link to the “Dear President Obama Pieces.” Today it is
their featured story on their site.


Dear President Obama

‘Dear President Obama’

On a final note, we know, The Crime Report website after so many
visits requests a subscription fee, with that said, if you wish to see
this compilation of writings, let us know and we’ll send them your

Thank you all for your continued support. Happy New Year! See you in 2017!!