The Cost Of Drug Addiction

by Glenn

I lost my older sister to drug addiction. She started to do drugs when she was fteen and now she is twenty-two and in jail because of the drugs. She is now schizophrenic and she lost her two kids because of drugs, too. She can’t think or live without someone with her. If someone doesn’t help her she’ll probably be dead somewhere because she thinks that people are after her and she thinks that cars are fake and she’ll walk right in front of them.

That’s why I stay away from drugs. I try to help other kids stay away from drugs because I don’t want to see them like my sister. But now I’m in and out of jail because every time I try to help someone or try to do better for myself, I always come here. But when I’m in my room I think about my situation and I say to myself, “it could be worse. I could be like my sister and be on drugs and not be able to think for myself.” So I thank God that I know what drugs will do to you.