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Greetings friends,

This past weekend, The Crime Report, based in New York City, picked up, posted and featured our dear friend and colleague, Michael Webb’s piece, “The Little Boy Who Lost His Dream.” A wonderful piece of writing from a determined individual whose goal is to help others see a better way. This piece is also featured in this week’s issue of The Beat Within, 21.35/36.

Michael Webb is a juvenile lifer, who co-facilitates and participates
in The Beat Within’s monthly writing workshop inside San Quentin State Prison in San Quentin, CA.
We cannot wait to share this news with Michael.

‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Dream’

We are truly grateful for the partnership we have with The Crime
Report. If you personally have visited this site more than a few
times, there is a chance you may now have lost your access and are
requested to pay to view. If that is the case, we have posted the
piece, “The Little Boy Who Lost His Dream,” below.

Have a great week!