No Jails

by Young E

Freedom for all
Happy faces
Regardless of your race
No tears
Moms, Dads, Grams, Gramps, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins happy to have all family
In one place
A safe world
No drive by shootings
No gang violence
No guns
Just peace, love, understanding
And good conversation
To work out our differences.
No corruption.
Is it possible?
Where do we start?
In our homes
With our family?
In the schoolhouse
With our classmates?
On the block
With our neighbors and friends?
At the job
With our colleagues?
Or, on the bus
With strangers?
Sure all the above, but then again, it starts at home,
With the love and support
that is provided by our elders, our blood.
On the road to no jails is a long bumpy road
We need to destroy all guns.
We need to destroy all weapons.
We need to destroy this black and white world we live in.
We need to nd new solutions when one breaks the rules. How to do that, I do not know.
What do you do with haters?
What do you do with those who know it all?
What do you do about racism
Classism, poverty, elitism?
I wish I had the answer.
Will we ever gure out a life without jails?
Probably not, though it’s fun to dream and believe we
As a human race have the intelligence to succeed with a world without jails.
I promise myself, I’ll do my part.
I’ll teach my children through the love I give them daily,
As I play a part in their life and that for sure will make a big difference.