2Pac Spoke The Real

by Francis, Year 1, Issue 1

2Pac was as real as a person could get! Like all of us, he had a good side and a dangerous side. He was a ghter in my eyes. The good side of 2Pac was that he always told the truth. The truth is so important because we who listen to his music have much respect for him. Even his gangster side spoke about the reality of my streets, the daily horrors of alcohol, drugs, women, killin’ and gangbangin’.

When I hear that 2Pac died, I got so sad. The thought of him being ambushed with his producer Suge Knight, was disturbing, but I still thought he was going to live! So when I heard that 2Pac died on Friday, I felt so sad. I get so sad just thinking abot his loss now. I know in life we are born, hopefully grow up and make something of ourselves, and then we die. We all die sooner or later. So for myself, I must make something of my future so I don’t nd myself six feet under or spending my life in the penitentiary.

In my eyes 2Pac made an impact on my community and on most young people. All young people who live that lifestyle respected him. He was a true ghetto soldier, and my homies and I could relate to his lyrics, because these problems are my problems!

He will go down in my eyes as having much love for the community and that will never fade.