The Beat and Me

by Michael Mackey

This program (The Beat Within) has changed my life by giving me the feedback and courage to open up about my problems, to seek help, understand things that I cannot gure out on my own, meet new friends (good friends), and to be heard by many. I didn’t really open up to people, I didn’t let people know the real me, when I wanted to be heard or understood, no one ever helped or listened to what I had to say. And those who did hear what I had to say twisted my words and took advantage of the situation. This made me “lock up” on everyone. I never trusted anyone with that information.

Being involved in this program has brought being heard to a different level. Without this program I was being heard on a small and shallow level. With this program I am being heard on a vast level. I’m the kind of person who does want to be heard, and who also wants to help others. This program has changed me in a more positive way.

Why is it important for youths in juvenile halls to take advantage of programs available? Because you’ll never know what you might pick up from the programs that you can apply to your life. Hopefully they will help to keep you out of juvenile halls. There might be something within that group or program that will help you in your life, to become better, to take advantage of something new. Don’t be scared to try something new, and don’t be worried about what your friends might think of you for doing that. Its life not theirs, don’t play follow the leader. Be your own leader and think for yourself.

It’s important for programs to be made available in the juvenile halls all around because in a way, kids are being punished for things they have done on the streets. They most likely wouldn’t even pay attention to these programs and people in their lives are not focused on getting them to do the right thing. Or perhaps their parents aren’t doing the best job they could. So while they are in juvenile hall they have options to programs or groups, things that they were not even trying to find.