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We hope most of you had an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend!? Happy Monday to all. The Beat Within is gearing up for our big trip this week to New Orleans to bring our workshops and publication to the New Orleans Parish Juvenile Hall! An exciting time.

We are thrilled to see that our dear colleagues and friends over at
the JJIE (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange) based in Georgia,
picked up and posted the well written and thoughtful piece of writing from Mistah G today, a former participant in our weekly writing workshops inside the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center. Today Mistah G is a youth advocate and community activist doing great work in the city that he loves. We are thrilled to have teamed up with Mistah G, who penned his latest piece, From Heartbroken, Scared to Giving Back, for The Beat Within.

We can’t end this note, without paying our respects to the late Marla
Zamora who tragically lost her life a few days ago.  Anyone who has a connection to the juvenile criminal justice system in San Francisco
knew Marla. She was certainly one of the best defense lawyers a
youngster in the hall could ask for. I had the great privilege of
working with her in the early days of my career and will never forget
how she played such an instrumental role, as did many of the great
advocates inside the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office did in my desire to touch lives and make a difference in the juvenile detention center and beyond. My thoughts and prayers go out to Marla and her family.  I am heartbroken that her life ended so tragically. RIP.

Wishing you all a great week! Enjoy the writing of Mistah G (links
below)!   Thank you for all your kind support and time.


From Heartbroken, Scared to Giving Back

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