Greetings friends,

Today, the JJIE (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange) based in
Kennesaw, Georgia, picked up and posted Beat writer and juvenile
lifer, Jensen Ramos’, “Broken Promises and Heartache” piece that he
sent to us from the California State Prison Los Angeles in Lancaster,

Late last year, The Crime Report picked up this piece and now to our
surprise the JJIE is running it as well.  We too think it is a fabulous piece of writing that we can only hope will touch many of our
young people living on the edge who may unfortunately find themselves in such a position.

This story was originally posted in The Beat Within issue, 20.49/50.
It was Jensen’s goal to reach our many readers through our publication and now his work is touching even more lives through the JJIE community.

We are honored to have such a wonderful partnership with the JJIE,
which is the only publication/website covering juvenile justice and
related issues nationally on a consistent, daily basis.

Please give a read and share with your community.

Broken Promises and Heartache – Jensen Ramos

If you want to read other fabulous entries from The Beat Within that
the JJIE has posted, which we encourage you to do, here’s the link.

Thanks for your support. See you down the road.