My Window

by Lacey

In my special window I see my family all together for once. Happy, filled with love and laughter.

One day I’ll be on the other side of that thick piece of glass looking out into the street looking at all the gorgeous people smiling. No one knows how they are. No one knows if they are fading away inside. As for me and my happy little family look out the window I see crushed dreams under glowing smiles.

Out my window I see dogs wagging their tails even though their feet are burning. Through my window I see the trees and flowers that were once colorful and full of life now bursting in flames and turn into a distant memory.

I look through my window and see nothing. I see the world turning black before my eyes. The rivers turn red with fear. The smiles I see through my broken window turn tears. I can’t see through my perfect window anymore it’s been through too much pain. Too much to even explain.