by Destiny

I have learned that being disrespectful gets me nowhere. I have learned to respect and love my parents for what they have done. I don’t want to live life hating them for all that they weren’t and lacked to do. I want to live life loving them for all that they did do.

I thank God for them. I have a mouth, and before I got locked up I did not give zero to one hundred shhhh’ about how I talked to my elders. Now I know that shhh talking them gets me nowhere. Communication will get me farther than what I would have thought. I had to learn the hard way.

When I get frustrated I tend to punch into my hand, walking back and forth. I slide my hands down my face as if I was about to tear it off. Then after, I try to smile and tell myself it’ll be okay. Most of the time a beer sounds good to calm the nerves, but not always will it be the solution. God has me though, I will be okay.

I love to write, when I find myself lost in my overstuffed cloud of thoughts. I write everything down not even knowing what I am writing, I keep writing. I love to write. When I read my writing I try to understand my thoughts. I find myself, that’s why I just love to write.