Dear Beat

by Silent

My name is Jesus C. I would like to first thank my family for getting me get through these hard times. Melianna, Anthoni, Jessie, Daddy’s coming home soon!

I was introduced to The Beat by my brother Tolo who’s also a writer for The Beat. I’ve been in prison for a couple of years and I have two months left before I go home. It’s been a long rough road, but I’ve learned a lot and became well connected with myself. I’ve lost a lot, but me coming to prison was one of the best things that has happened to me. I needed this to slow down and pay attention to life and everything around me. I am no Angel but I have become a better man!

I would like to give some hope to everybody behind these walls. We’re already here so why not make the best of it. Always remember to always keep your head up! Never forget where you came from and what you’ve been through. Our past is the key to a better future. I am who I am today because of what I’ve been through! Take control of your life, stand up and dominate. Every time we fall down we become stronger! Never give up, fight for what you want, fight for what you believe in. Take responsibility for your actions because the only one to blame, is yourself for your mistakes. The sooner you accept your wrongs and mistakes, the sooner you can move on. A lot of us always go back and say, “I wish I would have taken that left instead of that right or I should have done this or that.” If you were supposed to take that left you would have taken it. No matter where we find ourselves today or tomorrow, that’s where we are supposed to be! read more


by Adriana

I would have to say the dumbest thing I have ever done was start- using meth. Now I crave it every day. When I was on it I would act erratic and out of control. Now that I am sober it really sucks, since I started at such a young age I don’t really know what life is like or how to act. I struggle with more simple tasks because of the constant drug abuse. I am behind in school because I was such an addict that I would just get on one and nothing else.

My eating habits suck because I never got used to my body actually getting hungry. The two most difficult challenges for me would be staying sober and coping because of how much drugs took from me. It took money, time, just valuable things in my developing life that I will never get back because of this stupid monster. I shouldn’t have ever done it, I wish it didn’t exist, but I can’t change the past. Just take what I know, all the terrible situations it got me in, and move forward. read more

Stuck In The Shell

by Hd

The real me is hidden in the dark. Stuck in my shell, never wanting to come out, afraid to be judged, scared not to be good enough. No one sees the real me.  Fake smiles and laughter.  Scared to feel scared to want and not be wanted back, curious of what people think.  How could they be so blind? So unaware.

Maybe they just don’t seem to care. They act like they do, but if they did they would see that something is really wrong inside of me. Not crazy, just different.  Not like the rest.  When I feel feelings, my heart jumps out my chest.  But this is why I hide and I stay in the dark. I’m afraid of the silence and afraid of the dark.

I wonder if anyone will ever care enough to realize the sad darkness in my eyes or hear the cries that I cry.  Maybe it’s not worth it because I know I’ll just get hurt, left in the dust, left in the dirt. I can’t bear the hurt.  I have too much. I don’t think I can physically handle it.  I just sit here and wait for someone to realize.  Who will it be?  But I’m so sick of waiting.  It’s like I’m a fish stuck in the sea.  Like people say there’s too many fish in the sea.  Maybe one day things will change and the darkness and sadness wont’ be in me and things can rearrange. read more

Juvenile Life

 by Tony Farrell

“The Truth is Always the Best Argument” – Sophocles

Who am I… I am but only one of thousands of people who was a child prosecuted as an adult – then sentenced to rot inside a living tomb until I die. My name is Tony Farrell, and I am fighting for my life. Just a chance to even experience what “life” is or may be. I could easily say that I was failed by the system. An under-privileged kid who fell through the cracks. But that would give the false impression my situation is an isolated case.

The truth is, our justice system is inherently flawed and broken when it comes to our children. Who wants to live in a society where children from broken homes are punished for being vulnerable? Falling victim to the negative influences preying on them; for being impressionable, immature, and ill-equipped to discern between those who mean them well and those who mean them harm. read more