Watch Who You Trust

by Jamil

I just sit and think of my past and I’m like dang, what a waste of life. Nothing but the same thing everyday. Running and scared of what?

One day on November 1st, I woke up so happy like always and it was just a normal day for me. Just like every day and I wanted to go to my best friend Alric’s house so bad to get Wi Fi for music and Facebook. So I went to his house.
I remember the last words I told my mom and my brothers were, “I love you mom I’ll call you when I’m ready too-The-Clouds!!” I gave my mom a kiss on her cheek then I walked inside. As I was walking in I kind of felt this weird vibe, like God was trying to tell me something but I didn’t know at the time. I walked in my best friend’s room. He said he just bought a gun and he showed me it. I said, “that’s what’s up.” He started loading it and asked me if I wanted to shoot it. I said “no just wait til it’s darker outside,” but he wasn’t listening to me. So I asked him “Yo!! Let’s Rap?” He said alright, but as I asked him that he was already waving the gun everywhere. He fired one shot out his window.

My friend Shark Boy then said, “I want to shoot it,” all excited. That day I didn’t feel the same. Like I knew it was coming, but I don’t know. I can’t overthink ‘cause I was pretty happy that day. As he was waving the gun around, I kept telling Alric “stop pointing the gun at everyone it’s not a toy dude!!” I told him with expression on my face like I knew it was wrong. He wasn’t listening so I walked to his kitchen and started warming me up some pizza. As I was waiting for my pizza I heard my friend Shark Boy say, “watch out!!” With a kind of reek in his voice like he wasn’t playing around. So I got my pizza and only took one bite of it.

As I was walking down the hall, I looked into Alric’s room and saw a 45 barrel right in my eye sight. The same picture I see every night in my nightmares. I saw that, looked up at his face and he had an evil smirk like it was funny. My reaction was to go to the right of the hallway, and I did. I told him as I was in that spot, “dude!! Really, stop pointing that gun, especially at me!!”

I looked back towards the left peaking back to see if he was pointing the gun still. I couldn’t really see the bang out of nowhere. I looked down at my chest and seen a little stream of smoke like lava went through my body. At that point I knew I was shot cause my whole body went numb and the adrenalin I had. I felt like a super hero, but no!! 10 seconds later, I dropped to my knees and felt no air like I was gonna die right there. As I was crawling to the front door gasping for air like I was having multiple asthma attacks, I look up and the best friend I thought I had since second grade was just standing there.
His girlfriend was helping me more than anyone that was there. With each inch I got towards the door, I just felt like I was dying slowly.

Then I finally got outside. I felt the cold, but I still couldn’t get a nice breath of good air. As I was laying there on his porch I was just thinking to myself, is this really how my life is going to end, no way. So I started freaking out trying to stand up, but I couldn’t and that’s what made me freak out more.

The cops finally got there and started asking questions. I didn’t want to hear them. I was yelling at them telling them, “hurry the hell up, where’s the ambulance at?” They said, “they’re coming,” Oh my God it felt so slow, like everything was slow motion. Finally the ambulance came. Right as they were putting me on the stretcher I heard one nurse say, “hurry he’s dying!” I really did die, I was pronounced dead for nine seconds.

Just experiencing that made me snap that God’s real and He could have took me right there. I just remember seeing nothing but black and then I saw a bright white light at the same time. Like God was grabbing my soul and then dropped it. Then I felt a big-big shock on my chest. It was those reviver things. I just remember me naked with IVs in both of my arms. Me getting rushed to the hospital and when I got there they were running pretty fast to get me to the OR (Operating Room).

When I got in to OR they put me on the table and told me I was going to feel a big pinch, and I did. 5 seconds after I was out. It felt like forever, but I guess I was unconscious for four days. I had a breathing tube that was nine inches down my throat.
I woke up in the hospital bed freaked out looking at my mom scared. I couldn’t talk so I wrote on a piece of paper “am I gonna be like this forever?” My mom shook her head with a tear. Now I have four broken ribs and the doctor said the bullet was 3 inches from my spine.