Someone Watching Over Me

by Karina

My days locked up feel so long.
Drifting on a memory can’t believe you’re gone.
I miss you with all my heart.
I wish God, would have warned me from the start.
What did I do to deserve this?
I didn’t even get one last hug from you.
Oh baby, God took your love from me.
I need to see my angel so it seems.
It’s hard, to keep on living this way,
I need you here with me.
Why did he take you away from me?
There is nothing that I wouldn’t do,
I’d lie for you.
I’d cry for you.
‘Cause it’s hard for me to tell you, I love you.
As I’m standing over your grave
‘Cause I know I’ll never hear your voice again.
Why did you leave me?
Why couldn’t you just stay?
Because my world is nothing without you.
I just can’t look at your picture in my bin.
Knowing it was just one year ago,
You stood there and took that picture.
There’s just one thing that I want to know
Why would God want to hurt people so bad?
Does he know how much it hurts, to be missing you?