Seeking Happiness

by Monica

I am filled with anger because of the tears I had myself swallow.
My soul is full of hope.
My heart is full of love.
My mind seeks happiness.
It’s my memories that are stained with hate.
Fishing, fishing – are you willing to take life’s bait?
Seven years ago my heaven turned backwards,
Now those words have stained my wrist.
I reminisce to when I was a little girl for God’s sake.
A little girl wanting to be a lady,
They wanted to see her break.
Three years ago I learned people were just phases.
They’re here now, then they’re gone tomorrow.
Now those words stain my ribs.
Reminiscing to a year and six months ago,
When I had to swallow my sorrow.
My soul was waiting for a little boy, a kid,
I’d sing to him about the moon and the stars.
Now look, I am locked behind bars,
Being home isn’t that far.
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms,
That is how I end this,
with feeling loving and being loved.