Watch Who You Trust

by Jamil

I just sit and think of my past and I’m like dang, what a waste of life. Nothing but the same thing everyday. Running and scared of what?

One day on November 1st, I woke up so happy like always and it was just a normal day for me. Just like every day and I wanted to go to my best friend Alric’s house so bad to get Wi Fi for music and Facebook. So I went to his house.
I remember the last words I told my mom and my brothers were, “I love you mom I’ll call you when I’m ready too-The-Clouds!!” I gave my mom a kiss on her cheek then I walked inside. As I was walking in I kind of felt this weird vibe, like God was trying to tell me something but I didn’t know at the time. I walked in my best friend’s room. He said he just bought a gun and he showed me it. I said, “that’s what’s up.” He started loading it and asked me if I wanted to shoot it. I said “no just wait til it’s darker outside,” but he wasn’t listening to me. So I asked him “Yo!! Let’s Rap?” He said alright, but as I asked him that he was already waving the gun everywhere. He fired one shot out his window. read more

Life Easier To Bare

by Clarence Reese
My life has known sunshine, has known rain.
A life of little joy linked to an abundance of pain,
Washed in a bird bath of tears I have caused to be shed,
Who blew out the spark leaving no light up ahead?
Roaming, cold, sweaty, walls of ink dripping tattoos and raw scars,
Why do memories fade into dreams lost upon waking up behind bars?
Near the shadow whose figure leans tilt, it has slip
Sways handicap, without a mast, my life, a handicap ship
Drifting in a sea of waves far from home, far from port,
Toss by mistakes, the current is strong, the anchored to your support.
Stand, not I alone, for I alone would fall.
In our shadow I find comfort in behind your protective wall.
In the dust trampled under countless feet,
Is a life with no hope on its road to greet.
Never lost for your sister are a compass in my life,
A hope that dulls life’s unrelenting knife.
On the edge where I’ve lived and pitched my tent,
I thank you, sister, for the love and care you’ve not relent,
As I ask and reach at time for more than you can spare,
I, thank you, for your sacrifices and support which make life easier to bare. read more

Counselor’s Corner

Wrong Reason

by Burnley

I need some motivation. Maybe some inspiration. I feel like I’m in NYC and the police are choking me, I can’t breathe or conceive, as I run down the street with my hands up, bullets flying I think they’re hittin’ me.

My mind turns to when I was twelve years old, playing in the park with my BB gun, can’t you see the police are killing me, as me, she, and he become we, not for the right reasons, but just for the season.

The US government is trying to charge me with treason because some cops got shot. I told the gunman that’s not revolution, but only a secondary solution, but many of my people have looked past this conclusion and quote Mao, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun,” or Malcolm, “by any means necessary.” Some have gotten so radical they call on Khalid Muhammad like he is God. Muslims call on Allah, Christians to Jesus. There we are no longer we but back to being me, she and he, not for the season but all the wrong reasons. read more

Someone Watching Over Me

by Karina

My days locked up feel so long.
Drifting on a memory can’t believe you’re gone.
I miss you with all my heart.
I wish God, would have warned me from the start.
What did I do to deserve this?
I didn’t even get one last hug from you.
Oh baby, God took your love from me.
I need to see my angel so it seems.
It’s hard, to keep on living this way,
I need you here with me.
Why did he take you away from me?
There is nothing that I wouldn’t do,
I’d lie for you.
I’d cry for you.
‘Cause it’s hard for me to tell you, I love you.
As I’m standing over your grave
‘Cause I know I’ll never hear your voice again.
Why did you leave me?
Why couldn’t you just stay?
Because my world is nothing without you.
I just can’t look at your picture in my bin.
Knowing it was just one year ago,
You stood there and took that picture.
There’s just one thing that I want to know
Why would God want to hurt people so bad?
Does he know how much it hurts, to be missing you? read more

Dear The Beat Within

by Cody Ladd

My name is Cody Ladd, and I’m an inmate incarcerated in a California State Prison. Born and raised in Humboldt County. A fellow friend/inmate told me about The Beat Within.” I’ve read and highly enjoyed it, and would love to be a subscriber, please.

I love to read, writer and draw, so I am most interested and can truly relate and connect to The Beat Within. Please do let me explain: I love how the Beat supports the youth, and those who are incarcerated, locked away in jail or any other facility, state- or nationwide. I can relate because I am a youngster myself, currently twenty one years old and serving a four year sentence. I got locked away when I had just turned eighteen and have been locked up since then. I started out real young.

I made many mistakes. Thought I was cool, selling drugs and committing crimes, making the fast money, and thinking I never would be caught. It was just my mentality, and the way I was thinking. I never had no real guidance to show me the correct way; all I knew was the streets, never had no real support. Now I realize my mistakes and see how much I’ve hurt myself as well as others, “emotionally.” But now I see my faults, and I’ve got to take responsibilities for my actions. I’ve grown and matured a lot over this period of time. This is a lesson well learned. Life is so grand. There are so many different opportunities, jobs, schools for all the young ones. Listen to your elders, obey the laws, and keep striving. Keep your heads up. One love, one heartbeat. Do the right things and make the correct choices, and remember that family always comes first. read more

Seeking Happiness

by Monica

I am filled with anger because of the tears I had myself swallow.
My soul is full of hope.
My heart is full of love.
My mind seeks happiness.
It’s my memories that are stained with hate.
Fishing, fishing – are you willing to take life’s bait?
Seven years ago my heaven turned backwards,
Now those words have stained my wrist.
I reminisce to when I was a little girl for God’s sake.
A little girl wanting to be a lady,
They wanted to see her break.
Three years ago I learned people were just phases.
They’re here now, then they’re gone tomorrow.
Now those words stain my ribs.
Reminiscing to a year and six months ago,
When I had to swallow my sorrow.
My soul was waiting for a little boy, a kid,
I’d sing to him about the moon and the stars.
Now look, I am locked behind bars,
Being home isn’t that far.
I can’t wait to hold you in my arms,
That is how I end this,
with feeling loving and being loved. read more

Where Will I Be? 

by Shawn D.

I’ve moved all around to different places,
I’ve even slept in a few parking spaces,
Never enough money.  I’m always poor,
The music I listen to talks blood and gore,
Insane Clown Posse is what I hear
Suicide (hotline) is the way I’m ready to steer,
Losing my mom is what I fear,
I was born in Kansas but I’m Mesa raised,
My life goes many different ways,
I sometimes think of it as a never ending maze,
Had a few “friends” that dropped dimes,
Wound up in court, then on probation,
I was twelve when I first saw me the inside of a police station
You can’t even picture the places that I’ve been
The things that I’ve seen, the things that are sin,
I’ve done things you wouldn’t even think,
I didn’t even have time to stop or blink,
Yeah, I’m a thief and I can proudly say it,
but I’m still a kid and without my candy I’ll throw at it
Man I’m scared of needles and heights,
You could even compare me to wood with termites,
I’m all broken up inside,
I try to be honest but there’s many times I’ve lied
I’ve been on the wrong path, headed for the road,
it’ll be a big surprise when they hit me with the full load.
I could have been a good kid and just went to school,
Could tried to be popular, but I had to be cool,
So this is how I wound up, damn I’m such a fool,
It’s like riding a bull fifteen seconds of fame,
I was trying to look at life as just a game,
I know I know, I got myself to blame,
And it’s not just me, but those who love me who share the shame,
But it’s still my choice to turn things around.
So I don’t wind up six feet under the ground,
I got a future ahead of me,
So watch and soon you’ll see
That there’s something I’m meant to be
Lastly, I don’t have the best spelling and punctuation so could you fix that for me, thanks. Also, there are a few others here that have some poems to share.  So what should I tell them to do? read more


by Cody

Life is a choice that we all have to make. A choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing and in my honest opinion I suggest the right thing. Because where I’m at now is not a great place to be. I am locked up in a cage where I can’t break free.

I want to get out because I miss all of the little things like a bed, good food, and friends. I especially miss all the big things like my family, girlfriend and games. Since I have been in jail I have had a lot of time to think about what I should have done. I know now that I have rules to follow and I can’t do whatever I want. So someday soon I hope to get out and move. I want to push through life with fewer mistakes.

I hope that one day I will marry my girlfriend. I know I’m young but after I get out I am going to ask her to marry me. read more