Nothing But The Truth

by DeeCee

The Beat Within, lets youth express their Soul within,

from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

they overcame, and refused to be another story on the six o’clock news.

Beautiful transformations such as Black Boys so used to cocking glocks, becoming righteous cops and protecting everybody’s block.Proving change is possible,

believe and you can achieve.

The Beat Within, an outlet in this dry ass Hall,

for the ones that have broken the law and are stuck

between these confined walls.The extraordinary outcome when pencil meets paper,

is as fresh as a taper.

A voice for the silent,

amplifying noise like they’re violent.Not just a lousy particle,

this is a form of art and a precious article. Helping teens all over the world

realize there is more to this world.

The Beat Within is more like a treasure,

a love no one can measure.By the way, you’re welcome.

It was my pleasure.