I Never Thought I’d Be a Felon

by Chuy

In my hand, I had a gun.

I thought I was having fun.

It was a little odd

That the cops were calling the house

So I decided to run.

To my surprise

Four cops were waiting

Three with guns pointed at me

And the other with a K9.

He gave me one chance

To get on the ground

Before he released the dog.

I did as he told.

I wasn’t trying to get bit.

Two hours later

I was in my cell

Mad at myself

For the life I am living.

Because I chose to have it

With me that day

I missed my sister’s funeral.

I cried all day

When I found out.

I missed the only day

To say goodbye to my sister.

I have to change my ways

Or I’ll end up here again.

The judge gave me one chance

And I’m taking it.

My life is going to change.

And as long as I know that

I’ll succeed.